Coating materials

Your partner for everything
related to sputtering targets

Your partner for everything related to sputtering targets

Consulting, production and recycling from a single supplier

We offer an extensive range of sputtering target and coating materials, in all shapes, sizes and compositions. Feel free to contact us for any issue related to coating materials. After an initial consultation regarding the technical and economic feasibility of your request, we will take care of the following services for you:

  • Production and development of coating materials
  • Debonding old sputtering targets
  • Bonding new sputtering targets
  • Consultation on the optimal design, development and production of heat sinks and back plates
  • Recycling valuable materials or disposing of residual materials

Our ambition in all of these matters is to accommodate requests for large series as well as for individual pieces and sputtering targets with unusual design. We look forward to hearing from you!