Metallic bonding

Bonding with metallic materials

Indium as solder material

Various low-melting point metals and alloys are used as solder material depending on the requirements for the thermal and mechanical stability of the sputtering target assembly.

FHR mainly uses pure indium as solder material (Ts = 156°C). Our proprietary bonding process ensures that the high level of electrical and thermal conductivity needed is achieved and that the connection between the sputtering target and the back plate/heat sink plate is secure and firm. It also protects the target material from unwanted diffusion of the solder into the target material and thus prevents the target metal from becoming contaminated.

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Special properties of metallic bonding

  • Good to very good electrical conductivity
  • Very good thermal conduction
  • Ductility of the solder absorbs mechanical stresses
  • Suitable for all sputtering processes

Coating materials

All materials, sizes and shapes, optionally bonded