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Spatial atomic layer deposition system FHR.Star.400x300-SALD delivered

FHR has successfully delivered the FHR.Star.400x300-SALD. This is FHR’s first machine using spatial atomic layer deposition (spatial ALD). The system is capable of depositing films on both 200 mm wafers
and textiles or other 3D substrates of up to 400 x 300 x 10 mm³.

Spatial ALD allows for high speed and highly conformal coatings on flat as well as micro-structured surfaces. Applications are dielectric layers for anti-reflective coatings on lenses as well as coatings for electrical insulation or protection against moisture or oxygen applied to energy systems, medical devices or functionalized textiles.

In its base configuration, the FHR.Star.400x300-SALD is made for thermal ALD on up to eight wafers or four 3D substrates in parallel. For Al2O3 on wafers, deposition rates of 5-10 nm/min and thickness non-uniformities <± 2.0% have been reached. A large blind flange allows to add other thin film technologies or plasma treatment and the machine is already prepared to for in-situ ellipsometry and transmission spectroscopy for improved process control. To further increase the productivity, the FHR.Star.400x300-SALD can be included in a cluster setup with a central handling robot chamber, load locks, pre-treatment chambers or other process chambers.

FHR, Marian Böhling (CSO): „ALD coating technology is valued for its unique conformality and precision even on 3D substrates but claimed to be slow and therefore often ignored. Our FHR.Star.400x300-SALD refutes this claim impressively and makes ALD available as an exciting and promising thin film technology for a wide range of industrial applications. Installed at a world-class thin film research institute, this FHR.Star.400x300-SALD offers a low-threshold access for everybody interested in using ALD for own products.“ 

FHR Anlagenbau GmbH - The Thin Film Company was founded in 1991 and offers tailor-made vacuum coating systems and sputtering targets as well as coating and equipment service from a single source.

The close cooperation with our customers starts with the process development and continues with the development of pilot scale up to mass production. Our portfolio integrates the technologies sputtering, evaporation, PECVD and ALD into the equipment types cluster, inline, roll-to-roll and batch. Based in Germany and with systems installed worldwide in various industries such as semiconductors, MEMS, electronics, sensor technology, optics, photovoltaics, etc., we will jointly find vacuum coating solution for our customers. 

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About FHR Anlagenbau GmbH

FHR Anlagenbau GmbH is specialised in the development of innovative thin-film coating technologies and vacuum coating equipment and renders various services in the field of thin-film technology. The major field of business is the construction of coating plants which feature a range of vapour deposition, magnetron sputtering, CVD and ALD technologies for industrial production and research applications. These systems are used in many branches of industry, including photovoltaics, in particular for CIGS solar cells and organic PV cells, solar thermal plants, optics, electronics, sensor technology, and in the automotive sector.

The product portfolio includes modular cluster systems for stationary coating of substrates, inline systems with vertical or horizontal substrate transport for coating glass plates or tube surfaces, as well as roll-to-roll plants for coating flexible substrates such as metal strips or polymer films. FHR closely collaborates with renowned research institutions and industry partners world-wide. The company takes a leading market position, in particular in the field of roll-to-roll vacuum coating equipment. In addition to plant engineering, FHR manufactures planar and tubular sputtering targets and has a powerful service department.