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Do you need to update your system and deliver the desired performance? We will gladly assist you and modernize your system in all areas. Whether it concerns control systems, software, or technology, you will always be up-to-date with our support!

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Maintenance ensures the productivity of a system, but an upgrade increases it even further. System engineering is constantly evolving. Technology and safety are continually improving. We keep pace with technical innovations and the latest safety standards. Before investing in an entirely new system, you should talk to us! Upgrading with newer components or software, as well as the integration of completely new modules, can be a desirable alternative to a new system. 

We also offer you the option of a comprehensive and complete modernization approach, in which the software, control system, electrics, and vacuum technology are renewed as required. In doing so, operating times and productivity can be restored to their original level (or even exceeded). These services are also available for systems from other manufacturers.


From photovoltaics to microelectronics, from architecture to tool and mold making – our vacuum coating systems are used everywhere. Discover the industries in which our systems are used.

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