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The Thin Film Company

Customized coating systems and series products for thin film technology for research and industry

Vision & Mission

What would the world be like today without the functional coatings we call thin films? Virtually unimaginable. Microchips, smartphone displays, telescope mirrors, camera lenses, thermally insulated glass, solar cells, temperature sensors, medical implants, packaging films or laser optics and many more all benefit from thin films. The unique capabilities and characteristics of all these products are achieved by an extremely thin film applied in a vacuum.

We are The Thin Film Company, and this states both our vision and the demands we make on ourselves.

We are a strong team of 160 engineers, mechatronics engineers, physicists, technicians, chemists, commercial experts and materials scientists working together globally to provide you with the best functional coating for your application.

We have fostered a corporate culture that is characterized by mutual trust, an ambition for innovation, an awareness of our responsibilities and honesty.

Our customer base has grown steadily for more than 25 years and includes well-known, high-volume producers as well as small and medium size "hidden champions". Even in the very early development stages of their products and processes, industrial and academic researchers and developers rely on our innovation and expertise in the field of functional coatings and present us with new challenges on a regular basis. 

Our profile

Our roots are in customized coating systems engineering. We have delivered more than 200 coating system platforms to date which allows us upon a multitude of modular assemblies that have proven effective in practice. We are experts when it comes to translating unique requirements into robust production systems and processes. We also develop series production systems customized to client’s applications, handle pre-production qualification for you, or work with you to develop material compositions for the consumables (targets) used in our systems, specially customized to your requirements. Service and consulting is a matter of course for us and rounds out our portfolio.

Our functional coatings help our customers to create products every day for a wide variety of markets, such as electronics, MEMS and sensor technology, precision optics and displays, solar heating and photovoltaic systems.

Commissioned by our customers, we build highly flexible cluster systems (FHR.Star, primarily for coating wafer-based substrates), continuous flow systems optimized for high throughput and service life (FHR.Line, for coating large surfaces) or even house-sized, roll-to-roll systems (FHR.Roll for coating flexible substrates such as metal strips or polymer films).

Sputtering, evaporation, PECVD and ALD technologies are used in our system platforms. Of course it is also possible to combine these technologies in one system, not least because of the modular design, and thus eliminate the need to break the vacuum.