FHR.Boxx product series

Single-chamber sputtering systems for producing small series

  • Suitable for 3D and 2D substrates up to 200 x 200 mm²   
  • Magnetron sputtering of multilayer systems   
  • Substrate pre-treatment with plasma etching

Magnetron sputtering systems with special drum design for small substrates

Our box coater concept

Single-chamber sputtering systems are an inexpensive solution for vacuum coating in small series production. Our FHR.Boxx product series sputtering systems, also called "box coaters", dispense with the need for a load lock chamber; the substrate is usually loaded directly with the process chamber open. A rotating drum acts as a substrate carrier in the recipient, which can also optionally be used for heating the mostly small-surface substrates. The substrates to be coated can be led past several process stations by rotating the drum during the vacuum process. It is even possible to coat 3D substrates such as eyeglass frames by incorporating a sub-rotation. The process achieves a good uniform layer thickness overall. Substrate pre-treatment is also possible, for example, by means of plasma etching.

Combinable process technologies

The following technologies can be implemented into our inline systems in accordance to the specific requirements of the customers' applications.

A quick look at the advantages for you

The FHR.Boxx product series provide our customers with high-quality coating machines that combine a wide variety of characteristics and advantages.

  • Multiple coating and pre-cleaning stations   
  • Coating of layers stacks is possible   
  • Optional load lock   
  • Substrate sub-rotation   
  • Substrate heating   
  • Particles and flaking are minimized thanks to the special construction   
  • Easy maintenance because the components are easily accessible   
  • Attractive investment and operating costs   
  • Use of FHR's proprietary sputtering technology


Single-chamber magnetron sputtering system for electrical and optical components

  • All components are very easy to access
  • Compact Design
  • Suitable for clean rooms

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