FHR.Roll product series

Film coating for flexible electronics and thin film solar cells in research and production

  • Precision mechanical winding with web edge guide   
  • Production of form-flexible thin film solar cells, heat protection foils and printed circuit boards
  • AVOtouch technology for contact-free front side coating   
  • Suitable for portable, lightweight and flexible applications

Sputtering, evaporation & PECVD systems for flexible substrates such as metal strips or polymer films

Our roll-to-roll concepts

Modern electronics are flexible. Our roll-to-roll vacuum coating systems with PVD and PECVD technology are the ideal system concept for production of products such as flexible solar cells, organic display films or flexible sensors. Metal and plastic films are used as substrate materials, the coating width is set individually. This design concept offers the highest level of flexibility in the field of sputtering and evaporation processes. A freely programmable web winding system and the ability to regulate the temperature of the substrate allow various substrate materials and film thicknesses to be processed in a wide process window. We have the expertise needed to integrate in-situ process monitoring and derived online process control. 

Combinable process technologies

The following technologies can be implemented into our inline systems in accordance to the specific requirements of the customers' applications.

  • Magnetron sputtering   
  • Thermal evaporation    
  • Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD)   
  • Ion Etching (IE)

A quick look at the advantages for you

The FHR.Roll product series provide our customers with high-quality coating machines that combine a wide variety of characteristics and advantages. 

  • Proven, reliable system concept   
  • Equally suitable for research and production   
  • Extremely flexible system control thanks to FHR's proprietary software programs   
  • Without front-side contact (AVOtouch technology) if needed   
  • Attractive investment and operating costs   
  • Excellent target yield   
  • Quick and easy target replacement


Roll-to-roll platform for coating polymer films and metal foils

  • Roll-to-roll substrate transport on rollers, central process drum
  • Integrated substrate temperature control through cooling or heating
  • Optional pre-treatment of the film substrate

Galery of FHR.Roll projects

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