FHR.Star-EOSS® product series

Industrial magnetron sputtering systems for deposition of highest precision optical layers

  • Excellent coating thickness uniformity on the substrate surface   
  • Low-particle coatings through sputter-up configuration   
  • Long target service life due to use of rotary targets

Precision sputtering coating systems for interference optical applications

Our EOSS® concept

Systems in our FHR.Star-EOSS® product series are based on customer requirements for a precision sputtering system for deposition of optical multilayers with the highest demands on the quality of the coating and uniform thickness on predominantly flat and planar substrates. Our precision sputtering systems are suitable for deposition of interference-optical layer systems for producing dielectric mirrors and optical filters, such as band-pass filters or multi-notch filters.

The system concept was developed in partnership with the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films (IST) and was designed as an Enhanced Optical Sputtering System (EOSS®). In the advanced developmental stages, special emphasis was placed on the quality of the coating, process stability, productivity, ease of maintenance and the ability to coat larger substrates. Formation of the layers is monitored in-situ by optical broadband monitoring.

A quick look at the advantages for you

EOSS® systems provide you with the most advanced product for this application currently available on the market. This is where EOSS® is ahead of the competition:

  • Sputter-up process for the lowest particle density   
  • Optimal layer formation through dual bipolar sources    
  • Highest material utilization and longest target service life using rotary cathodes    
  • Precise layer thickness control is achieved by time-controlled deposition or in-situ broadband optical monitoring    
  • A design that is uncompromisingly configured for production processes   
  • Up to four coating compartments can be used    
  • One or two plasma sources can be used    
  • Large substrate carrier for a universal fit of the substrate holder    
  • Multiple process runs possible    
  • Quick and easy access for maintenance    
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use software interface


Precision coating system for deposition of optical multilayers

  • Large carrier turntable
  • Substrates thickness up to 50 mm
  • Sputtering in meta mode

Gallery of FHR.Star-EOSS® projects

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