Functional layers

Your surface – our coating

We make your substrate surfaces more functional

Functional coating is the process of upgrading components with new functions using thin layers - and this is more commonplace than you might expect: The screen you are reading this text on, and the touchscreen that may be present within it, contain transparent conductive layers. The microelectronics behind these would not be possible without thin-film technology. Anti-reflective coatings reduce the thermal radiation on 90 % of all windows in Germany and are used in camera lenses. Decorative coatings lend extraordinary colours to frames for eyeglasses and other jewellery. Tribological coatings extend the service life of drill bits.

Metal coatings on plastic parts make galvanic chrome surfaces possible without needing to use environmentally harmful chromic acids, such as in domestic shower heads or in many parts used in the automotive industry. If you buy a smartphone today and expect it to be more powerful than its predecessor, then you share our view of the future of functional coatings. This section will present information on a selection of functional coatings that can be produced with our systems. We can also provide coating services in our in-house application laboratory for developing coatings and producing samples or small volume batches.