Coating services

Samples or small volume batches

The first step towards a new product

Are you looking for a suitable coating method? Would you like to first test thin-film systems on samples to qualify them? Do you manufacture in small series and are you looking for a service provider who can process your products with the right coating? You have come to the right place - we have capacity for you in our in-house coating systems in our application laboratory and we also offer experienced experts to provide you with advice and support. If you outgrow this capacity at some point in the future, we can help you take the next step by upgrading your existing system or manufacturing a new one.

Our application laboratory

Our application laboratory covers coating systems for all four system families. The suitable system for coatings is determined by the substrate type and size as well as the desired deposition technologies. Adjustments to these systems are also possible if required since we have in-house system manufacturing, service and automation. Talk with us about your requirements and our capabilities. We can also test newly developed sputtering targets for you directly in the FHR application laboratory.

Functional coatings

Our coating systems add unique properties to your surfaces


Vertical inline sputtering system

  • Substrate size: 360 x 400 mm

  • Process: sputtering (DC, MF, RF) 
  • Material: ceramics, wafer, polymere, metal, glass

2 x FHR.Line.600.H

Horizontal inline sputtering system

  • Substrate size: 300 x 300 mm,
    500 x 500 mm
  • Process:  sputtering (DC, MF, RF)
  • Ma­te­ri­al: ceramics, wafer, polymere, metal, glass


Horizontal inline sputtering system

  • Substrate size: 2200 x 1400 mm

  • Proces: sputtering (DC)
  • Material: ceramics, wafer, polymere, metal


Web coating system

  • Substrate size:
    300 mm wide
  • Process: sputtering (DC, RF), evaporation
  • Material: foil (PI, PET)


Cluster system

  • Substrate size:
    diameter 300 mm
  • Process: thermal ALD
  • Ma­te­ri­al:ceramics, wafer, polymere, metal, glass


Box coater

  • Substrate size: 3D-substrate height up to 600 mm 
    or diameter to 500 mm
  • Process: sputtering (DC, MF, RF)
  • Material: ceramics, wafer, polymere, metal, glass

Contact Coating Services

Marian Böhling
Head of Sputtering Targets & Coating Services

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