Architecture and building

Energy savings with functional layers

Coatings on glass and/or films play an important role in architecture and construction. FHR offers the FHR.Roll product series in particular to customers in this market segment for coating flexible substrates.

Current areas of interest include solar and thermal protection, where the goal is saving energy, as well as making construction materials functional in terms of energy production through integrated photovoltaics and solar thermal energy. In addition, coatings that allow designers to choose the colour of glass façade surfaces are in particularly high demand: Optical thin film systems of high and low-refractive oxides allow for colour filtering of the reflected and transmitted light.

FHR also offers technologies that can be used to produce glass that can be dimmed for shading as well as switchable privacy glass. Low-E films function as thermal protection by means of very thin layers of silver which acts as an infra-red reflector.

FHR also offers all of these functionalities for transparent and flexible films with the FHR.Roll product series. These coated films can be tensioned between insulating glass panes as part of the window production process or they can be affixed to windows after production. These films can easily be retrofitted onto existing windows in order to improve their level of thermal protection.

Functional coatings

Our coating systems add unique properties to your surfaces