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Wear Protection with FHR Systems

Coatings for architecture and construction


Glass and film coating play an important role in architecture and construction. For customers in this market segment, FHR Anlagenbau GmbH offers, in particular, the FHR.Roll product range for coating flexible substrates, and the FHR.Line product range for large-area applications. 

Use of the Vacuum Systems for Your Projects


Current topics include solar and thermal protection, with the aim of saving energy, as well as functionalization for energy generation through integrated photovoltaics and solar thermal energy. Coatings that can be used to design the color appearance of glass façade surfaces are also in particularly high demand: optical thin film systems made of high- and low-refractive oxides enable color filtering of reflected and transmitted light. 


FHR technologies can also be used to produce dimmable glass for shading and switchable glass for privacy protection. So-called low-E films are used for thermal insulation by means of wafer-thin silver layers as infrared reflectors.

With FHR.Roll product range, FHR also introduces the entire scope of functionality to transparent film. The coated films can be stretched between the panes of insulating glass in window glass production, or subsequently bonded to window panes. This means, for example, that the thermal insulation of existing windows can be easily improved by retrofitting.

FHR also deploys its FHR.Line product range to coat large windows. This enables production in one piece. 

Thin Film Technology in Architecture and Construction

Advantages at a glance

Thin film technology offers numerous advantages in the field of architecture and construction that contribute to the improvement of buildings and construction concepts. Here are some of the most important advantages: 

  1. Energy efficiency: Thin film coatings can be applied to glass surfaces to improve thermal insulation. This leads to better insulation and reduces energy consumption for heating and cooling buildings.
  2. Lighting control: Thin film technology makes it possible to control the light transmission of windows and glass façades. This is crucial for controlling the incidence of light, minimizing glare and increasing visual comfort in the interior.
  3. Sun and heat protection: Coatings can be developed in such a way that they reduce sunlight penetration and thus prevent rooms from overheating. This helps to improve the indoor climate and reduce energy consumption.
  4. Self-cleaning effects: Thin film coatings with self-cleaning properties can be applied to glass surfaces, making it easier to wash off dirt and deposits. This facilitates the maintenance of buildings and extends the service life of building materials. 
  1. Improved durability: Thin layers can be applied to building surfaces to protect them from environmental influences and corrosion. This helps to extend the service life of building materials and buildings.
  2. Aesthetic diversity: Our technology also makes it possible to design surfaces in different colors, patterns and textures. This opens up new design possibilities and contributes to the aesthetic diversity of buildings.
  3. Sustainable building: By improving energy efficiency, reducing resource consumption and extending the service life of building materials, thin film technology contributes to sustainability in the construction industry.
  4. Protection from UV radiation: Coatings can be applied to glass surfaces to filter UV radiation. This not only protects the people in the building from harmful UV rays, but also prevents the fading of furniture and interiors. 


Our vacuum coating systems lend your surfaces unique capabilities.

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  3. Innovative methods and technologies: With our many years of experience and expertise in vacuum coating, we continue to set new standards.
  4. Dedicated customer service: Our experienced team is always available to answer your questions and provide you with support in your projects.

Discover the diverse range of possibilities with our vacuum coating technology, and place your trust in FHR as your reliable partner for outstanding coating solutions. Please feel free to get in touch with us to find out more and realize your projects together.  

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