Decoration and jewelry

Decorative and refined layers

Using stylish PVD coatings instead of traditional paints and varnishes, FHR coating processes have significantly expanded the design possibilities when it comes to jewellery and decoration.

That is why our renowned jewellery industry clients have opted for FHR throughput systems (FHR.Line) or box coaters (FHR.Boxx). Many smaller companies regularly take advantage of our coating service department's offer to produce samples in order to run a test series. Our team of experienced specialists advise interested customers in their search for the perfect process and the appropriate system. They are also available to our customers to assist in optimising their coating processes.

A variety of decorative coatings can be applied to very different substrates using FHR's processes and systems. Highly reflective coatings, for example, give increased brilliance to glass surfaces with a sparkling reflection of light and high gloss. You can create rainbow colour effects with oxide coatings.

In addition, matting, chrome-plating, tinting or metallic colouring are in particularly high demand for eyeglass frames or watch glasses.

Vacuum coating systems

Standards-based or optimized solutions for your needs