Display applications

Transparent and conductive coatings

Display screens, now often touch-screens, surround us around the clock - in the workplace, the car, the plane and at home. They are continually becoming bigger or smaller, always putting out more light and they have ever higher resolution levels. They are also becoming flexible; there are display screens that you can bend or roll up.

All touch-screen display technologies require optically transparent and electrically conductive layers to function; these are used as invisible keys.

Indium tin oxide (ITO) sputtered onto glass or film substrates is the material mainly used for this purpose. FHR supplies the FHR.Line and FHR.Roll product series for the production of ITO on glass and film.

FHR is also an experienced ITO sputtering target supplier; our sputtering targets have material properties optimised especially for display screen production. FHR has joined forces with the SERIS institute in Singapore in a research partnership to continue to develop and optimise ITO coatings for display screens. 

Vacuum coating systems

Standardised or totally customized construction for your application