Light technology

Increase in light output

Leading lighting manufacturers rely on FHR.Boxx and FHR.Line coating systems in their production. Energy savings and increased light output are important goals. Halogen lamps with dielectric layers as heat mirrors are gradually being replaced by highly efficient, bright LEDs.

FHR production systems can be used to produce high-quality lamp reflectors. The process involves a highly reflective layer of metal, such as aluminium, being deposited first by means of PVD processes.

This metal layer is then covered by an additional protective layer in order to maintain the optical quality. This is accomplished by applying silicon dioxide using PECVD processes.

FHR supplies vapour deposition technology to separate organic molecules (monomers) for OLED lighting, as well as vapour deposition and sputtering technologies for back electrodes and transparent front electrodes. FHR also offers PECVD and ALD systems for applying barrier coatings to protect against oxygen and moisture in the air. 

Functional coatings

Our vacuum coating systems develop your thin films' excellency