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Wafer Coating, High-performance Components, Optoelectronic Sensors

Coatings in microelectronics

Thin Film Technologies as the Key to Progress

FHR Anlagenbau GmbH – Pioneers in thin film technology

History meets innovation
FHR’s expertise in thin films for electronics is unparalleled. Our company founders began their careers at VEB Elektromat Dresden, where they were involved in the development and production of vacuum coating systems. This historical legacy is closely linked to the development of sputtering technology and chemical vapor deposition, in tandem with the emergence of semiconductor technology.

Shaping the future with key technologies
Thin film technologies are at the heart of microelectronics. Advances in semiconductor production go hand-in-hand with the evolution of our coating processes. According to the SEMI industry association’s roadmap, the atomic layer deposition (ALD) process will be central to further miniaturization in electronics.

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FHR Products for Electronic Applications


Cluster systems from FHR – Proven solutions in research and industry

FHR.Star product range: The industry standard
Our FHR.Star product range is highly regarded in research and industry. Numerous companies and institutes use these as a standard solution for processing wafers. Combinations of coating, etching and tempering processes are characteristic. These allow not only the application of layers, but also their structuring and modification.

Versatile applications and technologies
FHR systems and processes are used to deposit a wide variety of functional layers – including contact, magnetic and piezoelectric layers, as well as dielectrics. They are also crucial for the production of electronic switching structures and components, such as MEMS, sensors, resistors, capacitors and transistors, as well as SiC power semiconductors. 

Coatings in the Flexible Electronics Segment

FHR Star.500.EOSS® & FHR.Roll

With our FHR.Star.500-EOSS®, we generate optical filters directly on the sensor – with maximum precision and efficiency. The FHR.Roll product range brings innovation to flexible electronics. We manufacture conductor tracks on polymer and metal foils, capacitor foils and flexible display films. FHR is the pioneer for organic electronics: we enable the vapor deposition of organic molecules for the production of solar cells, displays and lights. 

Vacuum coating systems

Discover how our vacuum coating systems form the basis for high-performance coatings in numerous industries, and how our technologies can be used for your projects.


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  3. Innovative methods and technologies: With our many years of experience and expertise in vacuum coating, we continue to set new standards.
  4. Dedicated customer service: Our experienced team is always available to answer your questions and provide you with support in your projects.

Discover the diverse range of possibilities with our vacuum coating technology, and place your trust in FHR as your reliable partner for outstanding coating solutions. Please feel free to get in touch with us to find out more and realize your projects together.  

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