Flexible, adjustable mixed films

  • Films with adjustable composition using the same target materials
  • Films for materials that cannot be made as a target
  • Available for Star and In-line tools

Sputtering with multiple targets

Allows variations in the composition of the coating

Co-sputtering is simultaneous coating from multiple sputtering targets. For example, co-sputtering allows achieving material compositions that cannot be technically/metallurgically produced as a single target. Specific type of targets called mosaic targets are used in these cases. Co-sputtering also allows the user to vary the composition of the film using the same set of targets without breaking the vacuum. Also, additional target costs are avoided. The ability to vary the composition is an advantage in process development or for research and development purposes in general.

Technical implementation of co-sputtering depends on the substrate size. Wafer-like substrates can be coated with a confocal arrangement of targets or by using a turntable to move the substrates under the targets so quickly that a mixed film is formed. Similarly, larger, flat substrates can be oscillated back and forth under the targets in an in-line system. Our coating services and system sales departments would be happy to provide detailed advice.

Co-sputtering constellation in a FHR roll-to-roll system

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Coating materials

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