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After purchasing your system, our service team will assist you globally in person, by telephone, or through remote maintenance. We offer you technical support, preventive maintenance work, spare and wear parts, technical training, and technical audits relating to the condition of your system.

Regular maintenance of your FHR system will significantly extend its service life. In some instances, it can even be retained beyond its original purpose.

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Service from a Single Source

From Preventive Maintenance Through to Machine Conversion

Technical Support

Customized service – precisely in line with your needs. Put together your individual service package with us.

Maintenance & Repair

Regular maintenance increases the service life of your system. We at FHR are happy to handle the maintenance of your system. 

Expansion & Modernization

The expansion and renewal of old systems can increase the productivity of your system – we render your existing system up-to-date.

Machine Conversion

Does your system require a new place? We support you with the machine relocation inside and outside your premises.

Spare Parts Service

Wherever mechanical parts work, there is also wear. We offer you a suitable package of spare parts.

Technical Training

Just how productive and durable your system is also depends on how it is operated. We train your employees.

Technical Audit

Get more out of your system. We help you to optimize your processes with a technical audit.


For occupational safety reasons, the repair and maintenance of vacuum devices and components will only be carried out if a correctly and fully completed declaration of contamination has been submitted!  

Please complete this declaration before contacting us and enclose a copy with the delivery. This will assist us in assessing and solving the problem more quickly. 

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