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Magnetron Sputtering Systems with Special Drum Concept for Small Substrates

FHR.BOXX Product Range

    Thin film coating systems for coating plates, disks, wafers, pins, needles for R&D and production.

  1. Single chamber systems
  2. Systems with lock chamber
  3. With and without sub-rotation
  4. With clean room connection 

  1. Microelectronics
  2. Electronics
  3. Printed circuit boards
  4. Sensors
  5. Display
  6. OLED
  7. Thin film solar cells
  8. Thin film batteries
  9. and much more 

Single-chamber sputtering systems are a cost-effective solution for vacuum coating in small series production. The sputtering systems in our FHR.Boxx product range – also known as “Box Coaters” – do not require an airlock chamber. The substrate is loaded directly with the process chamber open.

The substrate carrier in the recipient is a rotating drum, which can also be used to heat the mostly small substrates. By rotating the drum during the vacuum process, the substrates to be coated can be moved past several process stations.

By installing a sub-rotation, it is even possible to coat 3D substrates such as spectacle lenses or lamps. On balance, a good layer thickness homogeneity is achieved. Substrate pre-treatment, e.g. by means of plasma etching, is also possible. 

The following technologies can be implemented on our box / drum coating systems according to the specific requirements of the individual customer.

  1. Magnetron sputtering
  2. Plasma etching (PE)
  3. Heat treatment 

With the systems in FHR.Boxx product family, our customers acquire high-quality coating machines that combine a wide range of features and benefits.

  1. Several coating and pre-cleaning stations
  2. Production of layer systems possible
  3. Possibility of a loading lock
  4. Substrate sub-rotation
  5. Substrate heating
  6. Minimization of particles and “flitter” due to vertical design
  7. Easy servicing due to good availability of components
  8. Attractive investment and operating costs
  9. Use of FHR’s own sputtering technology 
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