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Our Vacuum Coating Systems in Action

Our markets

Fuel Cells, Batteries, Solar & More


FHR infuses your energy projects with momentum. Our thin film systems and processes are versatile and customized. You push progress in energy technology – and, therefore, your project. Immerse yourself in the world of photovoltaics, batteries, fuel cells and solar thermal energy. Discover how our technologies make the difference. 

Edge Filter, Laser Filter & Broadband Filter


In the world of optics, details count. Our optical coatings take center stage here: They increase light transmission, minimize reflections and guarantee the desired optical properties. We rely on precise thin film technology for lenses, mirrors, filters and other optical components. This is how you achieve quality that really catches the eye. 

Wafer Coating & High-performance Components


Our systems are the linchpin of modern electronics. With our FHR.Star-500-EOSS®, new standards are being set. Create optical filters directly on the sensor, and experience how we push the boundaries of technology. Discover your benefits now.