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Coatings from FHR in Detail

Tribological coatings

Tribological coatings with different properties

Tribological coatings are a key area in materials science, focusing on minimizing friction and wear between surfaces. Their application can reduce energy losses, extend maintenance intervals and ultimately save costs.

The combination of increased performance and protection makes tribological coatings an essential component in many engineering applications.

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What We Offer

Hard material protective coatings against abrasion and wear

Functional coatings of tools or components serve purposes such as adhesion and friction reduction or abrasion and wear protection. Hard coatings that can be deposited by PVD and CVD processes are metal nitrides and carbides or amorphous carbon coatings (DLC). Tribological coatings are indispensable in industries such as mechanical engineering, aerospace and automotive, where they extend the service life of components and increase their efficiency.

For three-dimensional component geometries, a special reactive sputtering system is available from FHR Anlagenbau.

Typical hard coatings

  1. Titannitrid (TiN)
  2. Titanoxynitrid (TiOxNx)
  3. Titanaluminiumnitrid (TiAlN)
  4. Chromnitrid (CrN)


We develop and manufacture sputtering targets up to 4000 mm target length as required – both in large series and as individual items.

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