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Wear Protection with FHR Systems

Coatings for tool and mold making

Tool and mold making – precision through vacuum coating

Surfaces are crucial in tool and mold making. Our vacuum coatings give tools and molds resistant surface coatings that withstand abrasion and wear. This helps to extend the service life and minimize downtimes.

  1. Enhanced precision and reproducibility 
    Precision is of the utmost importance in tool and mold making. Our thin film technology enables the uniform and precise coating of tools and molds, which leads to reproducible results. This is crucial, in order to manufacture quality products.
  2. Robust against wear 
    Extending service life through wear protection is the most important goal of coatings for tool and mold making. FHR supplies PVD systems for the deposition of hard coatings, such as titanium nitride (TiN), titanium oxynitride (TiOxNx), titanium aluminum nitride (TiAlN) or chromium nitride (CrN). 


The chromium nitride coating is an innovative surface coating consisting of chromium and nitrogen. It is applied to tools and machine parts to improve their hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. This coating provides effective protection against wear and reduces friction, which significantly extends the service life of tools and machines. The chrome-nitride coating is also visually appealing, making it ideal for decorative applications.

These are used to equip injection molds for plastic or light metal alloys, as well as cutting tools, cutting, punching and forming tools. 

Unimaginable without It


  1. Friction reduction: Coatings can reduce the friction between tools and molds and the material to be processed. This leads to improved de-molding and less wear.
  2. Corrosion protection: When operating in humid or corrosive environments, coatings on tools and molds can help prevent corrosion and extend tool life.
  3. Heat dissipation: Vacuum coatings can be used to improve the heat dissipation characteristics of tools and molds. This is important in applications where high temperatures occur in order to prevent deformation or damage.
  4. Non-stick properties: Coatings with non-stick properties are used in mold making applications to prevent materials from sticking. A particularly critical factor in the manufacture of plastic parts or rubber products. 
  1. Surface finishing: Vacuum coatings are also used to improve the surface aesthetics of tools and molds. This can help to ensure that products are manufactured with smooth, shiny surfaces.
  2. Optical applications: Coatings can be used in the manufacture of optical molds and tools to improve light transmission, reflection and refraction capacities.
  3. Electro-erosion protection: Coatings can be used in wire erosion processes to protect tools and molds from electro-erosive wear.
  4. Protection against chemical aggression: Coatings are used in the chemical industry to protect tools and molds from aggressive chemical media.
  5. Micro-structures and precision molds: In applications where precise micro-structures and patterns need to be produced, vacuum coatings are used to increase precision and reproducibility. 

Vacuum coating systems

Discover how our vacuum coating systems form the basis for high-performance coatings in numerous industries, and how our technologies can be used for your projects.


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