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Project Case

Microelectronics of the Future

Highly flexible sputter coating system for electronic functional layers


Since the introduction of personal computers and the Internet, microelectronics has been present in our everyday lives. Since then, we have experienced rapid technological progress in computer technology and thus a change in our living conditions. Self-driving cars, artificial intelligence, quantum computers and the Internet of Things are on the verge of a breakthrough. In addition to software development, all these future topics also require advances in hardware and, therefore, systems for their production.


The system is used for research and development in microelectronics and must, therefore, be equipped to meet all current and future requirements. Accordingly, the system must be able to do practically everything that can be combined in sputtering systems: Suitable for wafers up to 200 mm in diameter, short time between substrate insertion and process start, activation or etching of the surface by ion bombardment, heating of the substrate up to 600 °C, DC and HF bias of the substrate, up to five sputter sources and thus different target materials, which can be sputtered individually or simultaneously by co-sputtering both in DC and HF and both directly and reactively. The angle of the target and the target-substrate distance should also be adjustable and, of course, the system should only take up a minimum of space for installation purposes in the cleanroom. After all, the system must be able to complete complex formulas automatically, continuously record all process data and enable different user levels.


FHR.Star.100-PentaCo consists of a small single-substrate airlock with an integrated robot arm for loading the adjacent process chamber under vacuum. In the process chamber, the substrate is placed on a turntable with a built-in radiant heater and switchable HF and DC bias. Five positions for sputter sources are arranged in the chamber lid so that a correspondingly large number of target materials are available in the system without maintenance work. The process chamber lid is opened pneumatically for maintenance purposes. As is usual with FHR systems, this system also has comprehensive automation with access to all components and convenient formula control. 


  1. Substrate heating up to 600 °C
  2. Substrate bias (HF and DC)
  3. Up to 5 different target materials available simultaneously
  4. Minimal footprint
  5. Formula-controlled coating with monitoring of all system components and process data logging
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