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Increase in Light Output

Coatings in lighting technology with FHR


Leading light source manufacturers rely on coating systems – such as FHR.Boxx and FHR.Line – from FHR in their production needs. Important goals here are both saving energy and increasing light output. Halogen lamps with dielectric layers as heat reflectors are, therefore, gradually being replaced by highly efficient and powerful LEDs. 

Our Systems Enable

Versatile applications

The applications of vacuum coatings and thin film technology in lighting technology are numerous and varied. They range from lighting systems in buildings and vehicle lighting to street and stage lighting. Our technologies adapt flexibly to the requirements of the respective application. 

FHR production systems are used for the manufacture of high-quality lamp reflectors, among other things. First, a highly reflective metal layer – for example, made of aluminum – is deposited using a PVD process.

In order to maintain their optical quality, the metal layer is protected by an additional layer. For this purpose, silicon dioxide is applied using the PECVD process.

For OLED lighting, FHR supplies vapor deposition technology for the deposition of organic molecules (“small molecules”), as well as vapor deposition and sputtering technology for the back electrode and transparent front electrode. FHR also offers PECVD and ALD systems for the application of barrier layers to protect against atmospheric oxygen and moisture. 

At a Glance

Advantages of our vacuum coating in lighting technology

Thin film technology offers a number of key advantages in lighting technology that contribute to the development of innovative and efficient lighting solutions. Here are some of the most important advantages: 

  1. Improved light output: Thin film technology enables the precise coating of reflectors and light filters. This optimizes the luminous efficacy of lighting systems. Additionally generated light is used effectively, resulting in brighter and more efficient light sources.
  2. Customized spectral control: By selecting suitable thin film materials, light sources can be designed to produce a specific spectrum. This enables the adjustment of light as required, whether for specific applications such as plant growth, art or medical examinations.
  3. Energy efficiency: Thin film coatings can help to reduce the energy consumption of lighting systems. They reflect the light efficiently and minimize the loss of light energy, thereby resulting in energy-efficient lighting solutions. 
  1. Color accuracy: The precision of thin film technology makes it possible to produce light sources with high color accuracy. This is particularly important in applications where correct color reproduction is crucial – such as in photography or medicine.
  2. Flexible design options: Our technologies allow the design of lighting elements in various shapes and sizes – including flexible and curved surfaces. This enables new possibilities in lighting design and architecture.
  3. Durability and protection: FHR systems can be used to apply protective coatings to light bulbs and luminaires. These protect against dust, moisture and other environmental influences, and thus maintain the service life of lighting systems.
  4. Environmental friendliness: FHR uses environmentally friendly materials and processes wherever possible. These contribute to reducing the ecological footprint of lighting solutions. 

Overall, thin film technologies are helping to improve lighting technology by increasing the brightness, efficiency, color accuracy and durability of lighting systems. They make it possible to develop innovative solutions that meet the requirements of the modern world.

Vacuum coating systems

Discover how our vacuum coating systems form the basis for high-performance coatings in numerous industries, and how our technologies can be used for your projects.


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Discover the diverse range of possibilities with our vacuum coating technology, and place your trust in FHR as your reliable partner for outstanding coating solutions. Please feel free to get in touch with us to find out more and realize your projects together.  

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