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Coating Service from FHR

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Your First Step to the new Product

Are you looking for a suitable coating process? Do you want to first test thin film systems on samples for qualification? Does your company produce in small batches and is looking for a service provider to provide your products with a suitable coating?

Be it a single wafer or a small series: Ask us – we offer you production capacity in our application laboratory on our in-house coating systems, as well as experienced experts who are on hand to provide you with help and advice. 

Systems on Site


Our application laboratory comprises a wide variety of system types. Regarding coatings, the suitable system depends on the substrate type and size and the desired separation technologies. With system construction, service, and automation directly in-house, these systems can be customized if required. Please do not hesitate to contact us. We can also test newly developed targets for you directly in the application laboratory at FHR.

Vertical, Inline Sputtering System


  1. Substrate size: 360 x 400 mm
  2. Plasma etching
  3. Process: Sputtering (DC, MF, RF)
  4. Material: ceramics, wafers, polymers, metals, glass

We are an all-rounder in pattern coating, from simple metallic coatings to functional AR coatings.

Horizontal Inline Sputtering Systems

2 x FHR.Line.600-H

  1. Substrate size: 300 x 300 mm, 500 x 500 mm
  2. Plasma etching
  3. Process: Sputtering (DC, MF, RF)
  4. Material: ceramics, wafers, polymers, metals, glass

The primary area of application is sensor production.

Retrofit or new installation

If the capacities are not sufficient (anymore), we offer you the next step with a retrofit of your existing vacuum coating system or the production of a new one.

Horizontal Inline Sputtering System


  1. Substrate size: 2200 x 1400 mm
  2. Plasma pre-treatment
  3. Process: Sputtering (DC)
  4. Material: ceramics, wafers, polymers, metals, glass

FHR.Line.2500-H is mainly used for large substrates and larger quantities.

Cluster System


  1. Substrate size: Diameter 300 mm
  2. Process: Thermal and Plasma ALD 
  3. Material: ceramics, wafers, polymers, metals, glass

There are numerous areas of application for this type of system. This makes it possible to apply barrier layers to protect against humidity and oxygen, as well as corrosion protection layers or insulating, conductive, and transparent optical layers. These are used in the fields of energy technology (e.g., photovoltaics, fuel cells), medical technology, and also in the electronics industry (e.g. display applications and sensors), and lighting technology (e.g. OLEDs).

Cluster System


  1. Substrate size: Diameter 200 mm
  2. Process: Sputtering in meta mode
  3. Material: oxides & nitrides

The systems included in our FHR.Star-EOSS® product family are based on customer requirements for a precision sputtering system for the deposition of optical multi-layers that meet the highest demands regarding layer quality and layer thickness homogeneity on predominantly flat substrates. Our precision sputtering systems are suitable for depositing interference-optical coating systems to produce dielectric mirrors and optical filters, such as Bandpass or multiple-notch filters.

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