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FHR Sputtering Process in Detail

Reactive ion etching

Reactive Ion Etching

Precision and control

Reactive ion etching (or “RIE” for short) denotes a dry etching process that has become firmly established in modern material processing. With the ability to perform both isotropic and anisotropic etching, it offers a high level of flexibility in the structuring of surfaces. In the semiconductor industry, in particular, RIE has established itself as the preferred method for defining micro- and nano-structured components thanks to its precision and adaptability. Find out more about this reliable and precise technique in thin film technology.

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How It All Works

What is behind reactive ion etching?

Reactive ion etching (RIE) is a dry etching process that combines physical and chemical processes. Ions hit the surface of the material, which then activates it. This enables a chemical reaction with the etching gas. Our FHR team has plenty of experience with this structuring method.

In the RIE process, the etching gas forms a gas together with the surface material, which is then extracted. One advantage of this process is its effective controllability. Etching can be carried out isotropically in all directions, or anisotropically in a specific direction.

With the help of special masks, reactive ion etching is ideal for producing fine structures for micro- and nano-technology. It is mainly used in the semiconductor industry for micro-structuring.

FHR offers suitable equipment for the treatment of large-area substrates (FHR.Line product range) and as a component of cluster tools for the processing of wafers (FHR.Star product range).

Reactive ion etching offers several key advantages:

  1. Anisotropic etching: RIE enables etching with steep sidewalls, which is particularly important for many microelectronic applications.
  2. Precision and control: With RIE, both the etching rate and depth can be precisely controlled, thereby resulting in precise and reproducible structures.
  3. Versatility: By using different gases and process parameters, RIE can be used to etch a wide range of materials – from semiconductors to metals and dielectrics.
  4. Minimal under-etching: When compared to some other etching processes, lateral under-etching, known as “side etching”, can be minimized with RIE under a mask.
  5. Dry etching process: In contrast to wet chemical etching, no liquids are used, thereby reducing the risk of contamination and unwanted chemical reactions.
  6. High resolution: RIE enables the etching of the finest structures on a nano-scale level, which makes it particularly valuable for advanced semiconductor applications and nano-technology.

These properties make reactive ion etching an essential tool in modern technology.

Vacuum coating systems

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