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Transparent and Conductive Layers

ITO-coatings for your displays

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Always at your side: Innovative display technologies

Displays – often touch-sensitive – have become an integral part of our everyday lives be it at work, in the car, on an airplane or in our private lives. They are getting bigger and smaller, brighter and offer ever higher degrees of resolution. Even flexible displays that can be bent and rolled up are now a reality.

FHR is aware of the importance of our thin film technologies for displays. Our advanced solutions are crucial for displays that revolutionize the way we experience and use information.

Perfect for display coatings: our FHR.Star product range 

The Importance of Our


Thin film technologies are of crucial importance for display applications – for numerous reasons: 

  1. Image quality: Our thin film technologies enable the construction of displays with exceptional image quality. The applied layers can precisely control the reflection and transmission of light to achieve vivid colors, sharp contrasts and high resolution.
  2. Cost efficiency: Displays with thin layers can also be produced, resulting in cost-efficient production processes. The materials are often economical, and can be utilized in large quantities.
  3. Energy efficiency: Displays manufactured using thin film technologies are generally energy-efficient. They make it possible to minimize energy consumption and thus extend the service life of batteries, which is particularly important in portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. 
  1. Flexibility: Our technologies allow layers to be applied to flexible substrates, which enables the production of flexible displays. These flexible displays are light, thin and can be bent or rolled, which opens up completely new application possibilities.
  2. Sustainability: Modern thin film technologies can use environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes. This reduces the overall ecological footprint and improves the sustainability of display production.
  3. Functionality: Thin film technologies facilitate the integration of additional functions in displays – such as touchscreen functionality or sensors for light and touch. This makes displays both multi-functional and versatile. 

On balance, vacuum coating helps to increase the quality, performance and versatility of displays. Coatings are an essential component of modern display applications, whether in consumer electronics, information technology, automotive technology or other industries that rely on visual displays. 

Unimaginable without It


Invisible, but indispensable: Touch-sensitive display technologies depend on optically transparent and electrically conductive layers. These invisible layers, usually made of indium tin oxide (ITO), are sputtered onto glass or film substrates.

Although these coatings are often invisible, they are crucial for the quality and performance of screens. In smartphones, tablets, televisions and other devices, they make a significant contribution to the level of functionality.

Indium tin oxide (or ITO for short) is at the heart of modern display technology. It combines transparency with electrical conductivity. Our ITO coatings are created by applying a thin ITO layer to glass or other substrates. This unique combination of conductivity and transparency makes ITO ideal for displays of all kinds. From smartphones to large screens, ITO coatings are a critical factor for functionality and clarity. 

FHR supplies systems from the FHR.Line and FHR.Roll product ranges for the production of this type of ITO glass and ITO film.

FHR is also an experienced supplier of  ITO sputtering targets, the material properties of which are specially optimized for display production. A research partnership with the SERIS Institute in Singapore supports FHR in further developing and optimizing ITO coatings for displays. 

  1. Conductivity: ITO coatings enable the even distribution of electrical charges across the display surface. This is crucial for touchscreens and the smooth functionality of displays.
  2. Transparency: The transparency of ITO coatings allows light to pass through, enabling vivid colors and sharp images to be shown on the display. The image quality is significantly improved by the use of ITO coatings.
  3. Flexibility: ITO coatings can be applied to flexible substrates, enabling the production of bendable (and even rollable) displays. This flexibility opens up new possibilities in display technology.
  4. Energy efficiency: ITO coatings help to reduce the energy consumption of displays. This is particularly important for portable devices in order to extend battery life.
  5. Multifunctionality: ITO coatings can also be used for the production of electromagnetically shielded windows or touchscreens in vehicles. 


Our vacuum coating systems lend your surfaces unique capabilities.

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  3. Innovative methods and technologies: With our many years of experience and expertise in vacuum coating, we continue to set new standards.
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Discover the diverse range of possibilities with our vacuum coating technology, and place your trust in FHR as your reliable partner for outstanding coating solutions. Please feel free to get in touch with us to find out more and realize your projects together.  

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