Your complete solution from a single supplier

We will help you becoming even more productive - higher output with integrated robot technology

Loading robots, substrate handling systems, pumps, valves, gauges, power sources, safety interlocks, data acquisition, database connectivity... many components need to work closely together so that the coating system works reliably and not least safely. If customers want to retrofit additional functions - software or hardware - these also need to be integrated consistently. Automation is created and maintained by FHR in-house because it is so important for the proper functioning of the machine. The software engineers and automation technicians at FHR themselves design the complete electrical system and create the software for each system. We already have software libraries for many components; we create new software for new components or when connecting with customer-specific systems. Upon request, we also design and automate suitable loading and unloading machines for your system. For your convenience, the software also comes standard with a visual display, the option of creating various user levels, alarm and fault logging with plain text output, logging, display and export of relevant process data as well as recipe control with freely programmable processes.

Your benefits as a customer: You only need one partner for integrating the system mechanics and software at your site, for any change requests or in case of malfunction, and you will receive a complete solution from us as a single supplier.

The development of programs for the control of our vacuum coating systems and their commissioning are among the tasks of our automation team