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Precision Sputter Coating Systems for Interference Optics Applications

FHR.STAR-EOSS® Product Range

    Thin film coating systems for the development and production of precision optics. 

  1. For coating filter glasses, lenses, mirrors and much more.
  2. For coating thin glass and thick glass
  3. With magazine airlock
  4. Sputter-up process for particle minimization 

  1. Band-pass filters
  2. Anti-reflective coatings
  3. Highly reflective coatings
  4. Beam splitter
  5. Notch filter
  6. and much more 

The systems of our FHR.Star-EOSS® product family are based on customer requirements for a precision sputtering system for the deposition of optical multilayers involving the highest demands in terms of layer quality and layer thickness homogeneity on predominantly flat and even substrates.

Our precision sputtering systems are suitable for the deposition of interference-optical layer systems for the production of dielectric mirrors and optical filters – such as bandpass filters or multi-notch filters.

The system concept represents a joint development with the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films, which was designed as an Enhanced Optical Sputtering System (EOSS®). During further development efforts, particular emphasis was placed on coating quality, process stability, productivity, ease of maintenance and the ability to coat larger substrates. The layer growth is monitored in-situ by optical broadband monitoring. 

With an EOSS® system, you are purchasing the most advanced product currently available on the market for this application.

The system has the following advantages over the competition:

  1. Extremely low particle count thanks to sputter-up process
  2. Optimal layer growth through bipolar-controlled double sources
  3. Highest material utilization and longest target service life through the use of tubular cathodes
  4. Precise layer thicknesses can be achieved by means of time-controlled deposition and optical broadband monitoring
  5. Optional automatic system tracking to correct the shift design
  6. A design uncompromisingly geared towards production processes
  7. Up to four coating compartments can be used
  8. One or two plasma sources can be used
  9. Large substrate carriers for universal adaptation of the substrate holder
  10. Multiple process runs possible
  11. Quick and easy maintenance accessibility
  12. Comprehensive and easy-to-use software interface 
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