Medical industry

Antiseptic, antibacterial and bio-compatible coatings

Surface coatings are necessary in many areas of medical technology. FHR provides a wide range of processes and systems for these applications. PVD coatings produced by sputtering or thermal evaporation allow the surfaces of surgical instruments, implants and medical device components to meet strict requirements of the application. Typical requirements include bio-compatibility, improved mechanical and visual properties, corrosion resistance to acids and alkalis or easy cleaning.

Thin-film sensors and reflector coatings

Thin-film sensors and electronic components for medical devices are some of the items manufactured using FHR equipment and processes.

Coatings made of precious metals, especially silver, ensure that surfaces such as catheters, implants or bandages have an antibacterial effect. Copper coatings are used for hospital equipment.

Dark, matte PVD surfaces prevent reflections - which is important when using magnification optics and cameras.

Thin films are also used as optical filters for fluorescence microscopy and imaging procedures. Dielectric mirrors, such as dental mirrors, are also manufactured using FHR coating technology.

A colour-coding system can be created with PVD coatings. FHR also offers combined PVD and PECVD systems for reflector coatings on operating room lights.

Functional coatings

Our coating systems add unique properties to your surfaces