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Sputtering technology

From Particle Vapor to a Homogeneous Coating


“Sputtering” is a technology that has been tried and tested over many years, and is used in numerous forms. We, at FHR, have been seen as experts in this field for 30 years, especially in the use of magnetrons. We offer a wide range of processes and systems that we customize according to the desired result and the material being used. 

We at FHR are your specialists for all aspects of sputtering, sputtering targets and vacuum coating. 

How It All Works

What is sputtering?

Sputtering – also known as atomization or sputter deposition – is a vacuum process for depositing thin coatings of materials on a substrate. This process is often used in microelectronics, optics and other industrial applications to apply precise and even coatings to surfaces.

The fundamental principle of sputtering is that a target (a type of “target” material that is to be deposited) is bombarded with ionized gases (often argon) in a vacuum chamber. When these ions hit the target with sufficient energy, atoms or molecules from the target are knocked out and condense on the substrate, which is then covered with a thin film of this material.

Steps involved in the sputtering process:

1. Evacuate the chamber: First, the sputtering chamber is evacuated to remove foreign molecules.

2. Introduction of the sputtering gas: An inert gas – typically argon – is introduced into the chamber.

3. Generation of a plasma: By applying an electrical voltage, the gas is ionized, and a plasma is created.

4. Firing at the target: The ionized gas particles are accelerated by the electric field and hit the target.

5. Deposition on the substrate: The atoms or molecules detached from the target move through the chamber and are deposited as a thin film on the substrate.

Variants of sputtering:

  • Co-sputtering: Co-sputtering involves the simultaneous coating with several sputter sources.
  • Confocal sputtering: Coating with inclined sputter sources during rotation, which enables coating with smaller sources.
  • Magnetron sputtering: A magnetic field is used to concentrate the plasma closer to the target, which increases the sputtering rate and renders the process more efficient.

Advantages of sputtering:

  • Uniform coating thicknesses: Sputtering enables the deposition of very uniform and reproducible coatings.
  • Flexibility: Various materials can be used as targets – including metals, alloys, and oxides.
  • High degree of purity: As the process takes place in a vacuum chamber, very pure coatings can be produced.

Vacuum coating systems

Discover how our vacuum coating systems form the basis for high-performance coatings in numerous industries, and how our technologies can be used for your projects.


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  3. Innovative methods and technologies: With our many years of experience and expertise in vacuum coating, we continue to set new standards.
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Discover the diverse range of possibilities with our vacuum coating technology, and place your trust in FHR as your reliable partner for outstanding coating solutions. Please feel free to get in touch with us to find out more and realize your projects together.  

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