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FHR customer service

Long term and across the globe

After the system is purchased, our service team will help you wherever you are in the world, whether it be in person, over the phone or via remote maintenance. We offer technical support, preventive maintenance, spare and wear parts, technical training and technical audits regarding the condition of your system. With proper maintenance, your FHR system will not only outlive the current version of the operating system, but it may even outlive its original floor plan and purpose. We'll be by your side through machine conversions, upgrades and modernizations (retrofits) - even for third-party systems. In the long term and worldwide.

Fault report

In the event of a fault on your machine, please fill out a fault report form completely before contacting our service. They help us evaluate and solve the problem more quickly.


The repair and/or maintenance of vacuum equipment and components will only be performed if a Contamination Declaration has been correctly and completely filled out! Please complete this declaration before contacting us! A copy of the Contamination Declaration has to be included in the delivery of the respective part!

Please send the forms by fax or email to:

+49 35205 520-40

Customer service