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Thermal vaporization

Thermal Vapor Deposition


Thermal vapor deposition is one of the PVD coating processes. This process is used to apply functional coatings of condensed particle vapor. This technology is impressive thanks to the possibility of very high coating rates. Another outstanding feature is the bandwidth of the process: Different materials can be combined by means of co-evaporation, in order to create a customized material mix for specific application requirements. This makes thermal vapor deposition a key technology for advanced coating solutions. 

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How It All Works


Thermal vapor deposition can be used to apply thin coatings of metals – such as copper, silver or gold, as well as other materials like silicon dioxide or indium tin oxide – to a surface. This method is also used to produce organic semiconductors or special solar cells, such as CIGS solar cells. In CIGS solar cells, copper, indium, gallium, and selenium are applied together. In organic solar cells, monomers are vapor-deposited. FHR is a top supplier of coating systems in this professional discipline.

Thermal vapor deposition is one of the techniques that falls under the umbrella of PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). The material to be applied is heated until it vaporizes. This vapor then settles as a thin film on the surface.

Thermal vapor deposition takes place in an almost airless room. The coating process is improved by adding oxygen, for example. This step is particularly effective when applying indium tin oxide coatings, which subsequently increases the process quality and efficiency.

One advantage of thermal vapor deposition is that thin coatings can be applied relatively quickly. The exact speed depends on the material and the desired properties of the coating. In order to get the best out of this method, FHR offers various vacuum coating systems that are specially designed for different materials and requirements.

Thermal vapor deposition offers several key advantages over other coating techniques:

  1. High coating rates: The process often facilitates the faster deposition of materials when compared to other vacuum coating techniques, which can shorten production times.
  2. Coating purity: As thermal vapor deposition takes place in a vacuum, the coatings produced are typically of high purity and free from atmospheric impurities.
  3. Simplicity and cost efficiency: Thermal vapor deposition is generally less complex than some other PVD methods and requires less specialized equipment, which can lead to lower operating costs.
  4. Flexibility through co-evaporation: The ability to vaporize several materials simultaneously enables the production of alloys or multi-component coatings, which can be useful for specific application requirements.
  5. Effective adhesion: The coatings produced are often characterized by excellent adhesion to the substrate, resulting in durable and resistant coatings.

These advantages make thermal vapor deposition a versatile and powerful tool in the world of thin film technology.

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