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Reprocessing of Used Targets

Target Recycling

Protect the Environment – Reduce Costs

Your Expert for Sustainable Coating Solutions

Our dedicated team stands at the forefront of recycling technology for coating materials, offering innovative solutions that both protect the environment and reduce your production costs. Please find out how you can benefit from our expertise in the reuse of targets. 


At the end of their service life, sputtering targets still contain between 20 and 80 % of the target material. When concerning valuable materials, recycling the target material and reusing the backing plate, therefore, makes both ecological and economic sense. For such materials, we offer you the complete package of separating the target material and backing plate, professional removal of solder residues, and recycling. The material price may be reimbursed or offset against new targets depending on the case.

The result: More sustainable production processes, less waste, and significant cost savings. 

The advantages of reusing targets

  1. Environmentally friendly: By recycling targets, you reduce the need for new raw materials and minimize waste, significantly reducing the environmental impact.
  2. Cost savings: Reusing targets significantly reduces your production costs, as you require fewer new coating materials.
  3. Quality and performance: Our recycling technology ensures that the quality and performance of your coatings remain at the highest level.
  4. Sustainable future: By reusing targets, you significantly contribute to achieving a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production method. 
We Are Your Specialist


Together, we can shape a more sustainable and cost-efficient future. Discover the extensive possibilities for reusing targets, and trust FHR as your reliable partner in this endeavor.

  1. Cutting-edge technology: Our recycling technology is innovative and efficient.
  2. Environmental awareness: We are committed to sustainable coating solutions that protect the environment.
  3. Cost savings: The reuse of targets enables considerable savings in your production.
  4. Customer service: Our experienced team is on hand to fulfill your recycling needs. 
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