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FHR Sputtering Process in Detail



Combination of materials for advanced coatings

Co-sputtering refers to an advanced technique that makes it possible to create flexibly adjustable mixed coatings with varying compositions, even if no independent target is available for some coatings. This method is suitable for both Star- and inline systems, in order to create optimized and customized coatings with precise control over the coating composition.

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How It All Works

What is behind Co-Sputtering

Co-sputtering is an advanced method in which several sources are utilized simultaneously, in order to transfer different materials onto a given surface. This technology allows the production of material combinations that would otherwise be impossible to produce in a single target or piece. These special combinations are often known as “mosaic targets”. One outstanding advantage of co-sputtering is the ability to create a variety of coating structures with a single set of materials. This approach not only makes sense from an economic perspective, as it saves time and avoids additional costs, but also makes strategic sense, especially when developing innovative products. Co-sputtering, therefore, proves to be particularly advantageous for research and development, as well as for the discovery and introduction of new production processes.

In terms of practical implementation, co-sputtering varies depending on the dimensions of the surface to be coated. For wafer-like dimensions, sputtering sources can be arranged in specific patterns, or the surface can be moved dynamically under the sources to ensure the homogeneous mixing of materials. For larger areas, a back and forth movement is required, in order to ensure an even coating. For more detailed information or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our specialists for coating and system sales.

Co-sputtering offers numerous advantages over other thin film deposition techniques:

  1. Flexible coating composition: Co-sputtering can be used to deposit materials in a wide range of compositions.
  2. Production of alloys and composite materials: It enables the creation of alloys or composite coatings directly during the coating process.
  3. Optimized material properties: By controlling the targets’ relative sputtering rates, the mechanical, electrical, optical and other properties of the deposited coatings can be specifically adjusted.
  4. Coatings without a special target: This technique can be used to produce coatings on materials for which no specific target is available (or can be produced).

Co-sputtering is a versatile and valuable technique in materials science and industrial coating applications.

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